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Brand new collection featuring Lokelani rose inspired beads.

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Our highly anticipated Pua Collection debuting Pua Kalaunu, Pakalana, and Puakenikeni inspired bead designs.

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Pua Kalaunu

The Pua Kalaunu, or Crown Flower, was the favorite of Queen Lili'uokalani.

The blossoms resemble a crown and come in shades of purple and also white.

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Puakenikeni means "10 cent flower" and has a lovely, sweet fragrance. The blooms transition into different shades as they age over a few days. Starting from white, yellow, and finally orange


Pakalana are small, yet very fragrant blooms. They appear yellowish green in color and only bloom during for a short time during the summer months. For this reason, Pakalana leis are typically given for special occasions.