(DIGITAL) Yay Hawaii Gift Card

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(DIGITAL) Yay Hawaii Gift Card - Yay Hawaii
(DIGITAL) Yay Hawaii Gift Card - Yay Hawaii
(DIGITAL) Yay Hawaii Gift Card - Yay Hawaii

- This is a digital gift card.
- It will be immediately sent to the e-mail entered during the checkout process.
- Then you may print the gift card at home and give to your recipient, or you may forward the e-mail to someone once it is delivered to you.

Where gift cards can be used
Gift cards are redeemable online or at our pop up events! It is NOT redeemable at Ben Franklin locations.

Sending to a different recipient's e-mail
Use the recipients e-mail during checkout instead of your own. 

Sending to multiple recipients
You will need to complete a separate transaction for each recipient you would like to send to their e-mail. Use a different recipient's e-mail for each transaction. 

Purchasing multiple gift cards during one transaction. 
If you would like multiple gift cards in one transaction, add each denomination separately. For example, if you would like to give away two $50 gift cards, add a $50 gift card twice to your cart. Do not add one $100 gift card.

When checkout is completed, a separate e-mail for each gift card will be sent to your e-mail (if you purchase 5 gift cards, you will receive 5 separate gift card e-mails).

You may then print out each one, or forward the e-mail to your recipient.

Physical Gift Cards
There's something special about giving a physical gift card to your loved one!
Click here to buy a physical gift card that will be mailed.