POP UP!!! December 2020

POP UP!!! December 2020

Pearl Ridge Shopping Mall
(This is near L'mour Nail, Homegrown Store, and the Beer Lab.)
Join us everyday from:
December 18th - 23rd
9am - 10pm

We will not have all our designs but we've stocked up on the ones we think are great grab and go gifts and stocking stuffers! Limited sizes and quantities so come early!

Covid Precautions
Some procedures we will be taking to do our part to minimize the risk include:

1. Limiting the amount of customers at our table front.

  • We expect to have a waiting line, so please keep this in mind when you schedule your shopping trip

2. Individually wrapped items

  • As much as possible we will have each piece of jewelry on a card and individually wrapped in a clear, sealed bag.
  • Sample sizes and designs will be available to try on. After you decide on the size and style you like, we will sanitize the sample and you can shop from the individually packaged pieces. 

3. Shopping Trays

  • You will get a small plastic shopping tray to place the items that you are interested in purchasing.
  • Each tray and any items that aren't checked out with are set aside and sanitized before being put back on the table top.

4. Sanitizing

  • We will be asking each customer to sanitize their hands before starting their shopping experience.
  • All trays and jewelry cards and items will be sanitized using our UV sanitizing box before being returned back to the table top.
  • We will also be stocked with sanitizing spray bottles to wipe down other surfaces.

5. Checking out procedures:

  • For card payments we have a tap and go card reader for those who have contactless payment on their cards or devices.
  • For cards with chips only, we have a card reader that we will ask you to insert and remove your own card.
  • We will be accepting cash.
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