Aloha! I am Jessica and I'm the owner of Yay Hawaii.

I am born and raised in Hawaii and I have always loved making things by hand. I started making jewelry as a hobby in 2012 and I quickly realized it was a passion! Sitting down at my desk and zoning in on a piece has also become a very therapeutic and meditative part of my life as well.

I am always keeping an eye out for inspiration and design ideas. I love pearls and they are the main part of most of my designs. But I also love quartz and gemstones and hope to bring more designs into the shop using different materials!

In 2018 I also became a mother. It truly has changed my life and I am SO grateful that my work and my passion allows for me to work from home and be with my son. I am a single mother and jewelry making has also grown into a means to be able to provide!

Thank you so much for your love and support, I am excited to make something with aloha for you =)

Meet the team

Team details coming soon!